1. Use a template for your website

You can purchase a template for a few pounds a month from Wix.com or squarespace.com or some designers offer an ‘out of the box’ WordPress template from as little as £100 including hosting. WordPress is my favourite option in terms of design and SEO.

2. Save money on SEO

SEO expertise doesn’t come cheap and usually for good reason. Just be wary of agencies who try to tie you into costly retainers or promise instant results – it takes months to influence google rankings so think of the long game. Anyone who promises you results straight away is, quite frankly, lying! Before you start thinking about building backlinks (getting other sites to link back to your website), start by making sure everything on your website is super duper search engine friendly (this is known as “on-site SEO”).

Often a one-off site audit will do the job or you could hire an SEO consultant for a few hours for some advice to get you started. If you have a wordpress site, then make sure you install the free Yoast! plugin.

Also, you can swat up using free online resources. The Clickminded SEO checklist  and Authority Hacker on-site SEO checklist are great starting points.  Also, check out the Moz beginners guide to SEO.


3. Ditch the designer

In an ideal world, we would all have a lovely design budget but this is often just not an option for startups. So, how can you work around this? There are loads of tools out there to help marketers on a budget. Use Fiverr to find affordable design freelancers to help you. Use Canva to create free social media assets and download great quality royalty free stock images from sites such as Unsplash, kaboompics and Pixabay. Foto is a great free tool for image editing and cropping.


4. Join online communities

There are some great marketing facebook groups out there who offer a supportive community and lots of free advice and feedback. This can also be a great way to promote your services – just be mindful to respect the rules of the specific group before promoting your own business.

A couple of groups I love are Blooming Founders and NOI Club (both for female entrepreneurs)

5. Create your own private Facebook group

This is a  great way to listen to your customers and ultimately promote your services to your engaged audience without facebook’s algorithm restricting you. I would aim to be sharing content in your group daily to provide value. Ask questions, share top tips and use polls to gain insight into what content your members (and target audience!) are interested in then go off and create this content.

If you are local to Hertfordshire then check out my new facebook group Berko Startups. (shameless plug I know…)


6. Make the most of Facebook Ads

Start by ‘boosting’ some posts that have already performed well organically to test the waters. Then you can set up some targeted ads and see results from as little as a couple of pounds a day. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what imagery to use or when to post so just get testing and see what works for your brand. 


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