Do you want to use facebook ads to grow your business but are not quite sure where to start? Or perhaps you have tried using ads but not seen the results you had hoped for. If so, my latest podcast episode is for you! In this week’s episode of The Authentic Marketing Show,  I am speaking to Charlotte Reynoldsabout how to get started with facebook ads for your wellness business

In this episode of The Authentic Marketing Show, we discuss…

? Getting started with facebook ads

? How paid ads can work alongside your organic marketing strategy

? What we should focus on with our ad campaigns

?What we should have set up before we put an ads campaign live

Listen to the episode here

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​Charlotte Reynolds is a digital strategy and ads coach for wellness experts and coaches, helping them to grow powerful online offerings. She has over 10 years experience in the advertising industry and she runs a boutique ad agency. Find out more here 


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