The Visibility Collective™

The supportive membership for wellness entrepreneurs who want to get visible and attract their dream clients!

What if you could feel confident getting visible, attract more of your DREAM clients, and help more people? What if you could do more of the work you feel passionate about without compromising on your values or having to follow any “ick” marketing tactics?

What if you could start showing up online with ease and confidence. What if you could stop wasting time trying to seek the answers from loads of different places and just have one place to go for ALL the marketing support you need?

If that sounds good then Keep reading….

Here’s the problem…


You know that in order to do more of the work that lights up your soul and attract more of those gorgeous DREAM clients, you need to get visible and allow yourself to be “seen”. But that’s not happening right now…


You feel overwhelmed and you have questions…. SO many questions… 

How do I even get visible? 

How do I show up as myself?

What will people think?

What if people judge me? What if they think i sound full of myself or like a d**k?

 Should I start a podcast? What about my blog…is that even a thing anymore?

And what about video? Do I HAVE to do video?!

Imagine having a plan in place that allowed you to up your visibility and show up consistently, on brand and on message without feeling “icky” or  “salesy”

What would that look like?

> You would feel confident about showing up consistently. Because you would no longer be trying to show up everywhere and “winging it”

> You would feel Beyonce style confident about showing up and sharing your message with the world 

> You would start attracting the EXACT type of gorgeous souls that you want to work with aka the DREAM client 

> You would have a clear focus and plan in place. You would feel less “winging it” and more alignment…

Introducing The Visibility Collective….

If you are ready to start getting visible and attracting more of those DREAM clients all whilst being cheered on and supported, I would love to invite you to join The Visibility Collective™.

My supportive membership helps you to get super clear on your visibility & marketing strategy and have the confidence to put your plan into action and allow yourself to be SEEN.

The Visibility Collective is the place to learn, be inspired and motivated and (perhaps most importantly) cheered on every step of the way!

Join now for just £37 per month [or £370 for the year] and lock in this rate for as long as you are a member

What Do You Get?

The Visibility Collective

Access to the training hub - training videos, workbooks and templates


First 30 days training training track


Fortnightly live marketing mentoring calls


Monthly content planning (co-working) sessions


Peer support from like minded entrepreneurs


Private facebook community


Weekly accountability check-ins


Mindset support


Live trainings from guest experts

Who is this for?

The Visibility Collective™ is for you if you are an entrepreneur in the health & wellness space and you long for the strategy and confidence to get more visible and attract more of your dream clients!

You crave consistent support, connection, and community. You want to be kept accountable and driven forward, all whilst having a nurturing mentor and peer group cheering you on.

So if you want to feel less overwhelmed and learn how to show up online with confidence and ease then this is the space for you!

Join now for just £37 per month [or £370 for the year] and lock in this rate for as long as you are a member

Who am I?

I’m Hannah Flores, Authentic Marketing Strategist and Founder of Digital Nourishment.  I help wellness entrepreneurs (like you!) to market their business whilst staying true to their values.

I’ve got over 13 years of digital experience and I’ve worked for some big brands in the past including Time out,, BA, P&G, and Microsoft. I’ve worked with solopreneurs and small businesses in the wellness space for over 4 years and I’ve trained hundreds of small business owners so far.

My mission is to give you the tools, strategy, and support you need to empower you to get visible and attract your DREAM clients!

What The Members Say…

I’m so pleased to be one of the founding members for The Visibility Collective! I love the sense of accountability and the sense of celebration when we report back on our wins each week.
The guest speakers and contributors that Hannah organises are a fantastic addition and I always come away with some tips that I can apply to my business.
This is such a supportive, collaborative and lovely community. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Emily Turnbull

PT and Energy Coach, Energise with Emily

I’m so happy I decided to join The Visibility Collective™! First and foremost because Hannah is full of knowledge and always has great solutions to any challenge I may have. 

But secondly, the community she is building is so supportive. Being a wellness entrepreneur can be lonely at times, so it’s great to have other members to talk to and exchange ideas with

Mari Craig

Small Steps to Wellness

Being part The Visibility Collective™ is like having your own personal work cheerleader!

I love being part of a supportive community of other businesses in the wellness space, and having the structure of the group to keep me accountable with my visibility goals.

Jenny Sumner

Reflexologist, Berkhamsted Reflexology

Hannah’s Visibility Collective is a lovely, supportive group. She offers lots of live sessions in a small group setting, including regular mentoring, content planning, and focused-working sessions, so you can always get questions answered and explore different marketing ideas. Hannah is friendly, approachable and brings a light-hearted perspective to marketing that I found helpful and empowering. The community is great, and I’ve met and collaborated with some wonderful people in the membership. I don’t come from a marketing background and it’s been an area that I’ve found challenging. Being a member of the Visibility Collective gave me just what I needed to build my marketing confidence and knowledge. Thank you Hannah!

Sarah Griffith

Feel Better Families


Who is this membership for?
Any entrepreneurs in the wellness space who want to grow their business and gain th confidence to get more visible and put themselves out there as an expert

The membership offers Better marketing, better engagement and conversations. More client leads. More collab opportunities, PR, seen as an expert

Is it just for women?
Nope! This membership is open men, women and non-binary people. We are committed to Diversity and Inclusion and ask the same of our members.
Am I too much of a beginner for this?
No! The training in the training hub covers a wide range of topics and the advice you receive on the live calls and within the facebook group will be tailored to your level.
What time are the calls?
The live mentoring calls are Tuesdays (fortnightly) at 11am

The content planning & implementation calls will be the 3rd Thursday of each month 1pm

All calls will be recorded and shared with members so if you do miss a session then you can watch the replay in your own time.

Am I too advanced for this?

Don’t be fooled by the low price point – this membership will support you at whatever level you are at with your business. The training in the training hub covers a wide range of topics and the advice you receive on the live calls and within the facebook group will be tailored to your level.

If you require additional, tailored support, then there is an option for members to book in 1:1 sessions with Hannah and a heavily discounted rate.

Why is the price so low?

My mission is to make the right support accessible online for all wellness business owners who need it. The price will be going up but if you join as a founder, you will lock in the low rate for life.

Do you offer refunds?

No. This is a pay-as-you-go membership and so we are not able to offer refunds.

What if I want to leave?

This is a monthly membership so if you want to leave then you absolutely can – just send us an email and we will cancel your membership for you. We will be sorry to see you go but you can always come back 🙂 If you joined at the founder’s rate then you will lose this rate if you do decide to return and will need to sign-up at the latest rate.

How much time will it take?

You can choose how much time you commit to this. I highly recommend you join the fortnightly live mentoring calls as a minimum. You can dip into the training library as it suits you. As with any membership, the more you put in the more you are likely to see results.

How soon will I see results?

Many members see results in the first 30 days, some longer. As this is a monthly membership, there is no deadline and you can work at your own pace. If you are struggling then the support will be there for you. If you want to fast track your results then there is support there for that too.