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The Authentic Marketing Show is the show for entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space who want to grow their business online whilst remaining true to their values.

Enjoy both solo episodes from Hannah sharing her marketing expertise and chats with Business Owners and Experts within the wellness industry. We cover marketing, branding, mindset, and much more…

There are some really frank and open conversations and a lot of insight shared.

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A gentle voice within the marketing industry

Listening to this podcast is an absolute joy – authenticity in marketing is something so deeply important to those of us in the wellness sector, it is wonderful to have Hannah’s gentle guidance within a typically loud + shouty industry… looking forward to more episodes!

A pleasant voice with so much knowledge!

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the first episode of this podcast. Hannah’s voice is so nice to listen to, but obviously more important is what I’m learning from her and her guests. This is a perfect podcast for me as I’m in exactly this industry. I can’t wait for the next episodes!


Love this podcast!

Some really great, insightful interviews and Hannah is a great host. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

So many wonderful tips

Hannah’s show is such a warm listen full of insights. I loved the episode with Suzy Reading about being authentic on Instagram and designing a strategy that works for you. Can’t wait to hear more!

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Love Hannah’s voice and choice of topics..

A must listen!

Hannah really knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and manages to explain it in a straightforward, jargon-free way. A must listen!

Such a useful, authentic podcast 

Hannah’s lovely way of interviewing makes this podcast a pleasure to listen to. It’s really professionally pulled together and super interesting topics.

Full of support 

I just caught up on the series so far and I’ve written so many notes. Full of great value, Hannah really interviews well.

What an amazing find!

I just listened to the very first episode with Suzy Reading and I think I’m already hooked! I absolutely enjoyed listening to Hannah interview Suzy. Hannah is a natural and definitely an authentic marketeer! Thanks Hannah, I’m glad you decided to set up your own podcast! 

Such a pleasure to listen to 

 Hannah possesses such an easy to listen to voice. The conversations seem to flow so easily and are full of excellent information but thought provoking as well. Really looking forward to the next one 


 Brilliant listen..can’t wait for more! 

Glad I found this podcast!

 I really enjoyed the Suzy Reading episode. Some really useful, honest insights in there. I can’t wait to have a listen to the other episodes. 

Loved this Hannah. Lovely to hear more of you and I agree with all you say here, realness speaks! Love your podcast!

I absolutely loved this episode & it was so inspiring & encouraging

Easy to listen to and inspiring

Just listened to the episode on imposter syndrome and found there were so many useful, easy to implement tips that I can start doing now. Such an easy to listen to podcast that’s left me feeling inspired, Looking forward to listening to more episodes!

Pearls of wisdom

Can’t wait to get into these episodes! 

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