Minal BhanshaliIn this episode of The Authentic Marketing Show, Hannah chats to Soul Embodiment Coach and Entrepreneur – Minal Bhanshali all about intuitive marketing.

​In this episode, we discuss…

πŸ’š Minal’s fascinating personal journey


πŸ’š What intuitive marketing means


πŸ’š How we can make our marketing and business work for us


πŸ’š Soul embodiment and what this means


You can listen here:



Minal BhanshaliΒ is the founder of 7 Over 7 – a lifestyle brand dedicated to getting ritualistic to rise above routine. She is also a Soul Embodiment Guide at Intuit Soul Salon.

Minal is an ex-Communications Strategist who retrained as a yoga teacher, meditation guide and purpose mentor, specialising in harnessing the energy of the chakra system and alignment through the ancient practices of the tantric tradition.

Having explored many techniques for delving deeper into transformational self-development, it is now her soul purpose to guide others on their own path to discovering their unique personal legend.


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